In 2004, when Time of Judgment ended the old World of Darkness, our troupe had been roleplaying for less than a year. We had just long enough to appreciate the accessibility of the system and the appeal of the setting, before White Wolf buried the game in its own metaplot and moved on.

With all the contradictions of scale, scope, canon, and theme that the line had accumulated, the move made creative and economic sense. Unfortunately, our troupe found the new World of Darkness both barren and glossy—a bad fit for our style of play and the sort of stories we wanted to tell. But we found a silver lining in the transition.

While White Wolf had been generating content, we’d struggled to come to terms with their metaplot and its effects on the setting; now that they’d killed the line, we could step back from their changes and reevaluate, take license to change what hadn’t worked for us.

These materials presented here reflect our interpretation of the original World of Darkness. They are derived from, inspired by, and indebted to the work of countless White Wolf developers and production staff. We are grateful for the many years they dedicated to this project—and for the years of pleasure and entertainment their products has given us.

non delenda est